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This show takes young audiences on a journey to discover true love told through dance, music, narration, and audience engagement. 


In Spark’s retelling of this classic tale, the King and Queen of the Land host a ball for their son, the Prince, to find a bride. After a night of dancing, three of the evening's young ladies are invited to stay at the castle to sleep atop a tower of mattresses piled on a single pea; a test of their true princesshood. In the morning, the test reveals that the Prince's love interest is not a princess at all, forcing the Prince and the not-so-Princess to grapple with two seemingly opposing choices: the Prince's duty to the royal family or true love. Join us to find out what happens to the "not-so-Princess" and her love, the Prince! 

Choreography: Michelle Thompson Ulerich

Cast: Spark Movement Collective 

Premiered April 29, 2023

The Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Brooklyn, NY

The Not-So-Princess
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