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Baby, I’m Drowning opened Spark Movement Collective’s 13th season by shining a light on the personal growth and discovery that follows a period of challenge and change. Artistic Director Michelle Thompson Ulerich’s title piece uses narrative vignettes to explore the charged emotions of everyday life through dance. The piece is set to new works by composer Johnny Butler, with live music and vocals woven into the performance. Additional pieces by guest choreographer Robert Rubama and by company dancers Beatriz Castro and Jonathan Colafrancesco further delve into familiar psychological challenges, setbacks and how we may face those obstacles. Baby, I’m Drowning offers a glimpse into the vulnerability and courage needed in order to ask for help, and what happens when we have the grace to receive it.

Choreography: Michelle Thompson Ulerich, Robert Rubama, Beatriz Castro, and Jonathan Colafrancesco

Cast: Spark Movement Collective 

Music: Johnny Butler, Joshua Piper, Wael Elhalaby, Florigenix, and others

Premiered December 2, 2022

The Mark O'Donnell Theater

Brooklyn, NY

Baby, I'm drowning
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