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The Not-So-Princess and the Pea

Spark's retelling of a classic tale takes young audiences on a journey to discover true love through dance.

Baby, I'm Drowning

A glimpse into the vulnerability and courage needed to ask for help, and what happens when we have the grace to receive it.

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The Road

An original interactive dance performance for all ages inspired by Cleo Wade's book What the Road Said.

Photo 2_Caleb Patterson with Melissa Gal
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Las Nuevas Ropas del Emperador

An attention-seeking emperor must have the latest fashion, no matter the cost.

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An anniversary performance celebrating ten years of captivating choreography.


Based on the novel by George Orwell, this timely retelling is set to an original score by composer Justin Reardon.


Overheard conversations in NYC expanded into vibrant short stories.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice falls down the rabbit hole and ends up in New York City.

Finding New York

A journey of adapting and exploring what it means to thrive in New York.

The Golden Shoe

A juxtaposition of the oldest Cinderella story set in Ancient Egypt and a modern rendition


An examination of how events shape who we become, set to live music by Cloud Fighter.


Site-specific work set in Brooklyn Bridge Park utilizing stairs, benches,

and live music.

Rules of the Game

A look inside of relationships and the games that are played to acquire love and power.

Status Update

A study of how technology impacts how people interact and connect with one another.


How does timing and where we are in our lives effect how we engage in relationships?

The Velveteen Rabbit

A contemporary twist on the well-loved classic that blends puppetry, shadow play, and storytelling.

21 Dates

Inspired by real stories, duets highlight the highs and lows of dating in a technological world.

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