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The Velveteen Rabbit

with a contemporary twist

Spark's contemporary take on the well-loved story The Velveteen Rabbit  combines dance, shadow play, and puppetry to create an engaging show for families to enjoy together. This new twist on a classic has a resounding emphasis on the importance of play. In the show, the title character is tossed aside for more high-tech toys. Once the Velveteen Rabbit is picked up by its companion, the Boy, they go on many imaginary adventures together. From the Velveteen Rabbit and the Boy traveling to a magical garden to deep-sea diving, the audience witnesses how using one’s imagination has no limits. 

Premiered March 4, 2017

The Town School

New York, NY

"It takes a surprising amount of knowledge and sophistication to craft work that both engages children and maintains a level of artistry."

- Jessica Ruhlin, Bodies Never Lie